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I know you're familiar with the other parties...Pure Roamnce, Pampered Chef, Thirty One...Here's one even better:

Host a Massage Party!

Massage Parties are ideal for people who love new and innovative ideas and who want to learn more about how massage can help improve quality of life. It's simple to do...just get a group of 3 or more friends together who need to have a day of relaxation, a day to unwind and be pampered.


  • Contact Alicia Arocho, CLMT at Productive and Therapeutic Massage to schedule and plan your massage party at 912-631-5541.
  • Decide whether you want to offer chair massage or table massage. (Note that all chair massages will be performed with guests remaining clothed.  Please dress comfortably. Table massages can be clothed or no clothing, but your space for non-clothed services needs to be private and separate from the rest of the party.) 
  • Mail/email guests invitations with as much notice as possible.  Make sure you keep track of RSVP's, etc. Please confirm number of guests with your massage therapist (at the latest) one week before your event.  You may also email the health intake form to guests so they can print, fill out, and have ready for the day of the event!
  • You may book up to six (6) hours for your massage party (2-hour minimum). Please consider the time to swap between guests in your time frame!  The first few minutes or so are for guest intake/health discussion and, if table services, getting undressed, but the rest of the time is spent relaxing and enjoying the benefits of massage! 

Reminder: An area or room separate from your guests will be required for the individual non-clothed massages. All equipment and linens will be provided by Productive and Therapeutic Massage.  Music can be provided or you may choose to play your own music.

Go Glam and decide to add refreshments or book a catering company. It is requested that you do not provide hard alcohol to your guests prior to or during the massage portion of your event as this is contraindicated with massage.

When booking your hours/time slot: Allow 15-20 minutes for setup prior to the start of your massage party and 5 minutes in between clients for non-clothed table services.


Booking Requirement: 

A credit card is required to reserve and hold your massage party date and time selection.  The card will not be charged to hold this information. 


If you cancel within less than 24 hours, the credit card on file will be charged the FULL rate of the booked event.


Payment is collected at the end of the service.  Cash (please have the correct amount. The therapist does not carry change for safety reasons)  All major Credit Cards are accepted.  Individuals may pay for their own service or the host/hostess may pay in full.  

Health Intake Form:

To speed the initial meeting process and cut down on your rate time you may choose to have the health intake form emailed to you to print copies for you and your guests.  Have the forms completed before the arrival of the therapist. Have the order of guests to be taken care of already figured out.  This saves time, which saves money and allows more time for you and your guests to sit back and enjoy the party!

Gratuity is never required, but is always appreciated.


Massage can be a great addition to your special events:

Bridal parties
Family reunions
Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
Birthday/Anniversary Parties
Corporate Wellness Programs; Office Treat for employee's
Corporate Retreat Days
Girls Weekend Getaway; Marathon Pre or Post Event target work... and more!


Note: If you are hosting an event and would like to offer massage for the occasion, hourly flat rates will apply.

Chair Massage $60.00 per therapist, per hour.

Table Services $75.00 per therapist, per hour.   

You may choose to book more hours with only one therapist or less hours with more therapists. It's completely up to you!



 Click Here to Contact Alicia Arocho  and book your event today!

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